I wanted to make sure that one of my first blog posts on this new website was about the #GraceAndStyle book tour.

Because spoiler alert: IT WAS A TREMENDOUS TIME

It’s been over a month since the book was released and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that bought the book, came to signings, posted support online, or dragged stranger friends and relatives to bookstores and events! It meant a lot. I’ve been working on taking time to reflect on cool sh*t that happens in my life, rather than constantly stressing about what’s next (which is my go-to emotional state! fun!) . It’s probably why the ? emoji is my most used emoji. heh heh. *collar tug* yikes… ?????

Anyway, thank you for the stupid amount of support you’ve given me before, during and post the G&S book tour. Grace & Style unexpectedly became a really personal book to write and to be honest I was terrified to see you guys after it was released. You know that embarrassing feeling when you’ve texted or emailed someone something with waaaay too much information or something that was waaaaay too emotional and the thought of seeing them in person is so awkward it makes your whole body fold in on its own butthole? I had a little bit of that feeling before the tour started.

But you guys instantly made me so comfortable. Your acceptance and appreciation was beyond wonderful and I can’t thank you enough. Life is strange and terrible and incredible and it’s all happening for us all at the same time. I wrapped the book tour with such a positive and optimistic feeling and I hope you did too. Turns out being a little vulnerable can make you a little stronger.  What a world! I’m going to exit this post before it gets too sappy!