Summer MEcessities = Things me thinks you need for the summer.


  • Bright Patterns: Summer is for FUN, and bright patterns say you’re FUN even if you aren’t. Some of history’s most FUN people wore bright patterns…

richard simmons-1



  • Fashion Backpack: Compact, cute backpacks are great all year round and especially in the summer. This is the time of year that you wants your hands free for drunk dancing with estranged relative at BBQs, gesticulating your amazement of fireworks and for reapplying deodorant.
  • Fashion Sneakers: When your feet are questionable in the odor department, and heels are out of the question you’re gonna want a decent pair of sneakers to get you through. They’re especially great for concerts (to keep falling liquids away from your toes), theme parks (to keep your shoes attached to your feet on rides) and any party that could potentially be broken up by the cops (to keep your running pace ahead of all the girls that opted for wedges).

©BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM Grace Helbig seen at AOL Build NON-EXCLUSIVE Feb 1, 2016 New York, NY

  • Faux-chella Statement Jewelry: Most people do Coachella layered in every item of jewelry they own. Fun. But for the rest of the summer, when your body is a damp-humid-skin-sponge, I say go for a singular statement piece of boho-tribal-hippie-gypsy-jewelry. It cuts down on your body being a human tambourine when you walk and can turn classic clothing combos into cute-dusty-festival-fairy-try-hard-elegance.
  • Bright Nail Polish: Are you cheap and afraid of commitment? 1. Yes, that’s exactly how I would screen all of your Tinder dates and 2. If you are then you need god nail polish! Bright, colorful nail polish is an inexpensive way to playfully accessorize/change-up your look without commitment. Try it!
  • Classic Flats: Not just my nickname in high school, classic flats are also on my summer must list. I love a good flat all year round but especially in summer. Summer is hot. Heat rises. Stay grounded. The end.
  • Seemingly Positive Attitude: Summer is synonymous with vacation. It’s like the Vegas of seasons. Whatever happens in the summer, stays in the s….ocial media ether all year round. Regardless, let’s try to make summer a time of sun and fun and dumb.

Sweetly sweatily yours,