In the last two-ish years I’ve been experiencing, confronting and celebrating my domestic urges. It’s like a second puberty, but instead of my body suffering new hairs and unfamiliar odors my home is taking on new area rugs and unfamiliar candle scents.

This is a much better puberty.

In my early 20s, when I’d sit down at my computer at the start of the day I’d open PerezHilton, E!Online, Dlisted and any other site I could find that showed me unflattering pictures of celebrities eating lettuce or used nicknames like Fishsticks Paltrow and Leonardo DiCatchAHo (god bless you, Dlisted). I loved pop culture. And I still do, but I’ve started to develop a new taste for home decor. Nowadays I’m opening sites like JossAndMain, WorldMarket and hold on to your buttholes…Pinterest.

Yes. I admit it. I’ve spent so many hours living fantasy lives through photos of mediation nooks and refurbished barn door coffee tables that I think I finally understand what Pinterest is. It’s lifestyle pornography. I only look at it when no one else is around, sometimes I delete my browser history afterwards and I always walk away feeling equal parts inspired and ashamed. I’m a Pinterest pervert.

Endless hours of scrolling through perfectly pictured city studios with DIY milk-crate-space-saving bed frames and effortlessly elegant offices built around actual redwood trees will eventually make you say to yourself, “well duh, I’m a mess.” Which, if you’re like me will be followed by a click storm of purchasing anything and everything that might get you one step closer to any of those pristine Pinterest photoscapes until you have a small epiphany that things won’t make you happy, you make you happy…. But that epiphany is quickly stifled because OHHHHHH PRESIDENT’S DAY SALES!

This is a long way of saying I’ve recently purchased a lot of stuff for my house and thought this blog would be a nice (safe) place to show you some of my interior obsessions at the moment…or IOATM for short. It’s like I.O.U. but I.O. an ATM (aka I owe my bank account some $$$).


IMG_0840 1

If you know me at all, you know I’ve developed a deep obsession with plants in my new found adult life. More specifically succulents. They’re wonderful, beautiful bits of green that thrive. They’re like having really cool, independent friends. They’re lovely and inspiring to be around, and can totally take care of themselves when you classically forget their birthday/to water them.

Crystals/Natural Elements:

IMG_0834 (1)

Yes, it’s likely I’m living out a deep-seeded-Urban-Outfitter-apartment-department-fantasy-life with these accessories, but I can’t stop. I’ve been on a mission to balance my space with natural/bohemian and manufactured/industrial pieces. It’s very stereotypical Coachella meets very stereotypical Brooklyn? But my newest curiosity is crystals. Recently I invested in some clear quartz (the white stone in the glass display case), which is probably the most common/popular healing crystal around. It’s like the Oprah of crystals. It absorbs, stores and regulates energy depending on how you program it. I was also recently gifted a piece of Amazonite (the turquoise/blue stone in the glass display case) which is supposed to provide harmony and balance and is sometimes called the Stone of Courage or Stone of Truth. It’s supposed to help you communicate and make difficult decisions. And who knows if it works, but it’s beautiful to look at and sometimes giving in to the ridiculousness that a stone could help you make decisions takes away the stress of it all and actually allows me to make difficult decisions. This is as close as I get to being religious. I’m a n00b in the world of crystals so I’m still learning about the meaning, programming and properties that each piece can absorb and embody, so stay tuned for more future in-depth, possibly incorrect and specific understandings!

Turkish Rugs:

IMG_0821 (1)

I got this rug from WorldMarket. I like it very much. But, trust me, I’m very aware this rug is likely enabling my bohemian-music-festival-hippie-Pinterest-princess-interior-design-Identity-Crisis. I’m okay with that. I feel like the giant dumb plastic pig side table helps give it some balance.

Interiorly hoping,