A couple weeks ago I went to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within and….well….wow. It was a god damn EXPERIENCE.


Now, I could sit here and write thousands and thousands of words about the overwhelming amount of knowledge he threw at us and how it affected me and the other 9,000 humans in the room who were also hungry for happiness. But it just wouldn’t stack up to the experience of being there. It was incredible. The sarcastic skeptic in me wanted to make fun of every woo-woo, froo-froo, yahoo moment that happened over the course of those four days but … I just couldn’t. His energy is infectious. His method is straight up madness. And his words work.

One of my biggest take aways was the simple concept that we as human beings are constantly fluctuating between two states. Beautiful states (happiness, curiosity, excitement, optimism etc) and suffering states (anger, sadness, depression, boredom etc) and that if we put in the work it’s absolutely possible to live life in a consistently beautiful state. What a concept! We spent a lot of the weekend learning tools and techniques to ‘change our states.’ Because, truth is, you can change your state in a heartbeat. In fact, I loved the idea of changing your state so much we came back and made “art” out of it!



Like I said, I could spend hours telling you everything we learned, but it’s incredible to experience it for yourself. If you ever have the chance in your life to attend one of his events I highly encourage it. To help sway you here are some photos of me losing my god damn mind and Tony spraying the audience with a water gun (Note: this was not a technique to change your state, rather this was the outcome of a room of 9,000 people listening to AC/DC with too much energy at 1am).

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset



**Also, we got to have a brief meeting with Tony on his jet to talk about future internet-y collaborations. Hopefully we’ll be unleashing all sorts of powers in the upcoming months. Peh heh heh…v sexual…but not.

Encouraging your most Beautiful State,