I’m sure if you’ve managed to make it to my blog you’ve probably already heard me talk about the Dysh App. I’m also sure you’re a wonderfully patient person that doesn’t at all mind me talking about it again…and likely again and again and again and again.

Look, people post photos of their dumb babies all over the internet because they’re proud of making them, LET ME HAVE DYSH.

Thank you. Sorry to type loudly at you.

Anyway, Dysh, you guys! Dysh is the food app developed by myself along with Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart and Ingrid Nilsen! Who run the world? G…overnment systems. But also girls!

Dysh is Instagram meets Yelp. It allows you to post photos of your food and review your meal and/or overall restaurant experience. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve silently loathed and made fun of people for posting photos of their food all over Instagram. Instagram is for French Bulldogs and bootys. This is common knowledge. But now, there’s a safe place for your food photos! DYSH! Here’s a look at my profile:


I’m no foodie, that’s for damn sure, and that’s why I love Dysh. It’s a place for foodies and newbies to come together over the universal language of food. We launched Dysh a few weeks ago and already have over 40,000 users! Amazing!


We also have regular hashtag contests happening and will soon be rolling out a brand new, VERY AWESOME, philanthropic update to the app. So stay tuned!gamedemo

There’s also a game element to the app, if that’s something you’re into. The more you post and interact with other users the more points you earn, moving you up to different Dysh user statuses. As someone who has spent an unhealthy amount of money on scratch off tickets over the years it’s very refreshing to have a FREE app in which to focus my competitive pursuits.


I won’t waste your time on too much more about the app, but I encourage you to check it out for yourselves! Click here to download it! It’s available for ios and android (and if you have any trouble downloading just try updating your software)! Hannah, Mamrie, Ingrid and I check in everyday, so sign up so we can start stalking your Dysh-licious profiles (I’m so sorry, please still download Dysh)!

Best Dyshes,